Broadmoor's boundaries are the widely bending Claiborne Avenue, Toledano which merges with Washington on Broadmoor's downtown side, and Lowerline (which is also the boundary between Carrollton and Uptown). Many of the homes in Broadmoor are raised homes built in the 1920s and have a distinctly Mediterranean architecture. The area has an active neighborhood association known as the Broadmoor Improvement Association, which was founded in 1969. Under its attentive supervision, Broadmoor has emerged as an upwardly moving neighborhood. Also active are the Lower Broadmoor Association, the Citizens of Upper Broadmoor and the Fontainebleu Drive Improvement Association. Broad Street, which travels across much of New Orleans, crosses Washington Avenue and then meets Fontainebleu and Napoleon to divide the area into three sections. This is the heart of Broadmoor. The new Broad Branch Library, the recent retreeing of the area's major neutral grounds, and Broadmoor's close proximity to downtown continue to attract homeowners.